Veritone AI WARE


The world’s first operating system for artificial intelligence, Veritone aiWARE, orchestrates a diverse ecosystem of ready-to-deploy machine learning models to transform audio, video, text, and other data sources into actionable intelligence, at scale, with no AI expertise. With aiWARE, leverage digital workers to save manual review time, gain valuable data insights, and cognitively enrich end-to-end workflows.


AI models are proliferating. From the face identification capabilities of your smartphone to the virtual assistant sitting at home on your coffee table, AI technology is performing an increasing range of tasks for us, making us more efficient. Think of artificial intelligence as an extension of your own cognitive abilities – a digital worker that complements whatever you do. It performs many of the same, if not more, functions as the human brain — such as recognizing a face or translating speech — using far less time and resources.
Put simply, AI augments human capabilities by automatically performing basic or repetitive tasks faster and more scalable than humans, empowering you to spend your time on higher value activities.

Human In The Loop

Human involvement is required for the process to occur. No digital workers are available to help the human worker become more productive. This is the most inefficient and costly approach to extracting information and insight from content.

Human On The Loop

With aiWARE, digital workers come alongside the human worker to make their job easier, more productive and efficient. The human moves “onto the loop,” reviewing, verifying and using data insights surfaced by digital workers.

Human Out Of The Loop

AI will progress to a point where human involvement is no longer required. Digital workers have become fast, accurate, economical and self-sufficient enough to operate independently, freeing up humans for higher value tasks.


Over 80% of the world’s data is unstructured and growing 30-60% per year according to Gartner®. Manually unlocking information and insight trapped in text, images, video, audio or data is costly, and can cause delays, impact customer/citizen experience, and risk compliance. Organizations need to automate the time-consuming work of reviewing content for key pieces of information, so they can focus on how to leverage that information to improve business outcomes.

AI is the answer, but organizations frequently struggle with AI projects that disappoint more than deliver. Project delays, budget constraints, skills scarcity, low accuracy, high bias, model drift, scalability issues, and model changes and discontinuations are just some of the factors that make for unpredictable, high-risk AI projects. What is needed is an operating system for AI that removes single vendor / single model dependency, alleviates the need for AI expertise, quickly deploys, scales in production, and delivers timely insights into performance and explainability. Veritone aiWARE is that operating system for AI.


Veritone aiWARE is the world’s first operating system for artificial intelligence. aiWARE orchestrates a diverse ecosystem of hundreds of best-of-breed AI models to transform audio, video, text, and other data sources into actionable intelligence, in near real time. With aiWARE, organizations can rapidly deploy and scale AI within their applications and business processes without requiring expensive AI developers and ML engineers. AI models are ready to deploy and deliver business value immediately.

Veritone leverages both organically produced as well as already-created AI models that have previously been data-prepared and discovered, developed, trained and tested, and provides a deployment, integration, and monitoring platform for AI projects to meet business objectives.

AI Engines & Models

See the list of available-Ready to use Engines and Models aiWare offers in a one stop shop.

Audio Engines

Detect, identify, and classify meaningful patterns or audio signatures in sound.

Recognize specific audio segments such as advertisements within longer audio files.
Biometrics Engines

Detect and analyze unique, physical identifiers to identify the people they belong to.

Detect the presence of one or more faces in an image or video.
Identify a person in images or video from a library of previously identified individuals
Data Engines
Associate two data sets based on a commonality such as time or date.
Identify the real-world geographic location of a media file’s origin.
Speech Engines

Capture, identify, and categorize spoken words quickly, extracting insights automatically from unstructured audio and video files.

Partition audio files into segments to separate the words spoken by each speaker when.
Identify speakers in audio based on recordings of their voice.
Convert speech in audio or video files in 70 different languages into text transcripts.
Text Engines
Locate potential abnormalities in a time-series.
Categorize text files and images according to their content.
Classify entities in text into categories such as people or places.
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Identify specific terms and/or phrases in text.
Detect one or multiple of over 25 different natural languages in text.
Discern tone in text to classify it by emotion.
Generate a summary of all or a selected portion of a text file.
Extract unstructured text and express it in a structured format.
Translate text in over 110 different languages and dialects.
Vision Engines
Convert alphanumeric characters appearing in license plates recognized in images or video to text.
Recognize logos and branding elements in images or video.
Detect one or multiple objects or concepts, such as colors, in an image or video.
Convert alphanumeric characters appearing in documents, images or video into text strings.